Brenda could be an asset for your event serving as an emcee or delivering an inspirational speech. Her 24 years of broadcast experience allow her to add entertainment and professionalism as a host, emcee or featured speaker. Additionally, her inspirational speech topics include setting big goals, taking risks and working to make dreams reality.



One thought on “Speaking

  1. Loved the speech!!
    I think every new coach, official or young female athlete should listen to you on TV as they can learn so much about the game and take ADVANTAGE of your wisdom on all aspects of a sport. Wait, I take part of that back – it doesn’t matter if you are inexperienced or new to the game – even the veterans of a sport can learn from you!
    I know we will see you soon on the “big screen” – national TV!!
    Vicki Davis
    NCAA Regional Evaluator for Women’s Basketball Officiating

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