If Not For Them

Social media is filled with images of  women’s basketball players showcasing their athletic prowess, along with their off-court ventures. NBA players are celebrating the success of their female counterparts while sponsors and sports fans are more interested than ever. Women athletes are using their platforms to become influencers, build their careers and battle for social justice while college women’s basketball coaches are commanding multi-million dollar contracts. 

But, it hasn’t always been this way.

So, we’re working on a documentary series to share the story of how the foundation was built for college women’s basketball. It’s the story of the forgotten women who changed the world through the love of their sport. More information is coming soon on how to get involved. Be sure to follow Brenda on Twitter @brendavanlengen and Facebook @BrendaVanLengenBroadcaster and Instagram @BrendaVanLengenTV for more details.